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Nov 212010

On their third album, The Simpsons: The Yellow Album, the Simpsons went back to their roots from their first album, Simpsons Sing the Blues. They performed new original songs like “Love”, “The Ten Commandments of Bart”, and “Hail to Thee Kamp Krusty”, as well as some cover songs like “Sisters Are Doin’ it for Themselves” and “Funny How Time Slips Away”.

This time most of the songs are duets, not only with Simpsons characters, but also with celebrity singers like Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Linda Ronstadt, and the P-Funk All-Stars. Mr. Burns doesn’t sing on this album, but Apu does with a song about the Kwik-E Mart called “24 Hours a Day”. It was a creative song, but not as good as “Look at All Those Idiots”.

Nov 142010


Back in 1997, The Simpsons had their second album, which was a TV soundtrack, titled The Simpsons: Songs In The Key Of Springfield – Original Music From The Television Series. Many of the later episodes had original music and many of the tracks have dialogue from those episodes that went with the songs, which separates them into at least several sections. If you’re only looking for the songs, you’ll have to use the fast forward button more often than usual when you listen to a CD. I admit that it can be a pain in the neck sometimes.

Some of the highlights are from classic Simpsons episodes from the 90s like “Oh, Streetcar”, “Homer and Apu”, “Two Dozen and One Greyhounds”, and “Round Springfield”, which features Bleeding Gums Murphy. Remember him?

The soundtrack even includes musical scores from episodes like “Tree House of Horror V”, “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet”, and “Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part One)”. Many of these songs were covered on the much later episode “All Singing, All Dancing”.

Nov 062010

Another classic part of The Simpsons franchise is their albums. Let’s start with The Simpsons Sing The Blues. This was back from the early 90s when Bart had his first music video, “Do the Bartman”. It was a real classic. I can’t say the same about his other video, “Deep Deep Trouble” because Homer was more of a disciplinarian toward Bart instead of the comedic baffoon we all know and love.

Bart isn’t the only one who sings on this album. In addition to “Do the Bartman” and “Deep Deep Trouble”, Homer, Marge, and Lisa also got to sing. Some songs were original and several others were covers which include, “School Day”, “Born Under a Bad Sign”, and “I Love to See You Smile”. Even Mr. Burns and Smithers get in on the album with a comedic original, “Look at All Those Idiots”, which was about how Mr. Burns puts up with his employees. That song still cracks me up.

One last item: Also during the early 90s, the Simpsons had their own magazine that was filled with all sorts of funny adventures and top 40 lists about each character’s likes and dislikes.

Nov 012010


The Simpsons have become better than ever with The Simpsons ride at Universal Studios. It starts with a highly decorated area of Simpsons characters all around. Here are a few of them.

The story is as exciting, as it is hilarious. Krusty opens a new roller coaster ride at his theme park. Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa get to be the first to ride it and ask to bring “us” along. Then Krusty is all, “Sure, why not. They’re clean.”

Then it becomes more exciting, when Sideshow Bob attacks during the ride with many amusement park gags throughout. However, the ride moves along so fast it’s difficult to keep track.

Soon another problem emerges. Maggie has grown into a giant baby and is on the loose in Springfield. Soon us tourists get into the thick of things as the other Simpsons go after Maggie and Sideshow Bob.

Then just when you think it’s over, the space aliens Kang and Kodos briefly arrive on the scene as the Simpsons go down the death drop. “Foolish Earthlings. Don’t you know that all rides must end near the gift shop?” How right they are. In fact, I’d be surprised if I ever got off a ride that didn’t have a gift shop at the end.

This was a great ride, but it can still leave me a bit queasy at times. I can remember when this used to be the Back to the Future ride. It was an exciting adventure story too, but the seating was different. Of course that depends on if you would prefer to sit in a small Delorian or a good size roller coaster car.

Jul 142010

The Simpsons Movie (Widescreen Edition) was long anticipated. Then during the summer of 2007, shortly after the end of season 18, it finally premiered and I was so thrilled to see it. In fact, this movie helped me remember some of the old Simpsons merchandise I had over the years, like these classic figures and dolls from the 90s.

This movie goes into several different subplots. It starts out like any other episode, but all reflects on one topic, the environment. First Grandpa Simpson has a horrible premonition of doom, but everyone ignores it except for Marge, who tries to figure it out. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to save the highly polluted Lake Springfield, but nobody cares. Then she meets Colin, an Irish boy she falls for. And Bart has issues with Homer as a father and prefers Ned Flanders over him.

When Bart skateboards around Springfield in the nude, it’s real smooth how various things always cover his “crucial area”. “Don’t look where I’m pointing!”

Soon Lake Springfield is at the breaking point of a toxic nightmare, but Lisa finally manages to get through to everyone just in time. Unfortunately, Homer foolishly throws a silo of pig poop into the lake as a quick way to get rid of it and make it to the free donuts. Then it all comes down to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) sealing the entire town in an escape proof dome. Grandpa Simpson’s premonition has clearly come true. Being trapped also means having outside resources cut off from the outside world. All kinds from gasoline to food to even new books for the book club.

Everyone soon discovers that Homer is the cause of their situation and now the entire town becomes a lynch mob. Those are some neat graphics showing all of those angry torches. Then it becomes real exciting as the Simpsons escape the mob and the dome through a sinkhole. In a way, it pays off that Homer didn’t fix it. However, the entire house gets destroyed after the escape and the EPA tries to recapture them.

Homer has been foolish before, but this is bigger than anything the Simpsons have ever faced. So they move to Alaska to start a new life. They soon discover that Springfield will be blown up along with everyone in it. Homer refuses to go back, but Marge and the kids decide to stop the EPA and save Springfield.

Thanks to an old medicine woman throat singing some sense into Homer, he soon realizes that he should save Springfield too. But how did she know about Homer’s situation?

This was a terrific movie and a real classic for years to come with its humor and exciting story line.