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May 132015

Just last weekend I attended CollectiveCon 2015 in Jacksonville and one of the voice actors I got to meet was Steve Blum. He has done quite a few characters over the years. Here are the ones I remember best.

Amon from Legend of Korra: He is the first major enemy that Avatar Korra faces and probably the scariest. This masked individual has the ability to take away a bender’s power as a way to make everyone equal in order to live in peace. His victims only end up living in misery. You see, a bender’s power is a part of them, but then once it’s taken away…

Lord Zedd from Power Rangers Super Legends (Playstation 2 Game): We all remember Lord Zedd from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, but in this Playstation 2 game things are different. Zedd appears from a different timeline and intends to alter the course of history by wiping out every Power Ranger throughout time. There have been many tougher villains than Zedd in the franchise, but do you think he could succeed where they have failed.

Dhalsim from Street Fighter 2 V: He’s a wise monk from India that’s a master yoga fighter. In this series, Dhalsim teaches Ryu and Ken the Hado technique. It definitely helps explain how the Hado-Ken fireballs came to be. Dhalsim also mentions teaching Hado to Sagat years earlier, which would explain his projectile power as well.

Speed Demon from TMNT (2012 version): This character was only in one episode, Race with the Demon, but stands out as one of the creepiest mutants on the show so far. Speed Demon is a mutant car that purposely drives people off the road and runs on mutagen gasoline, but it’s really what’s inside the car that’s creepy. Whoever drives the car gets possessed and becomes a grotesque monster. They don’t call this mutant Speed Demon for nothing.

Thunder Hawk from Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie: He’s a highly muscular Native American wrestler. T. Hawk only appears in one scene in this movie as he takes on Ken Masters in a street fight seeking glory and honor by defeating him. Of course T. Hawk fails, but afterwards that’s it. I’m sure he was only featured as a way to fit all 16 street fighters in one feature. Some characters are more involved in the story line than others. Steve Blum mentioned that this role was one of the very first in his career and hasn’t seen the entire movie straight through.

Special Note: Steve Blum also voices the Ring Announcer that announces the match between Zangief and Blanka, which is a very memorable one from this classic Anime movie.

What are some of your favorites?

Oct 012014

Chuck Huber

Another great voice actor I got to meet at MythiCon 2014 was Chuck Huber. He had voiced some awesome Anime characters over the years like these.

Dr. Franken Stein from Soul Eater: When I first heard about this character, I thought he was based on the Frankenstein monster. However, Dr. Stein is very different, despite his sewn together body parts and the mechanism in his head. He can easily resist any attack and can read other people’s souls. After a major battle with the heroes, Dr. Stein reveals to be one of the good guys and a wise instructor. Of course, even he has his flaws, like tripping in his rolling chair.

Melt from Tower of Druaga: He’s a mage that’s highly skilled with lightning power that comes from his magical rods, which are used like golf clubs. Melt is also funny when he complains, especially when his young servant Coopa is involved. It’s part of what makes Melt a favorite.

Dominikov from Murder Princess: This bounty hunter fights with a scythe that can cut through anything and wears a skull shaped mask. His story is an enigma, but becomes clearer later in the series.

Bus Driver from Rosario Vampire: There’s not much to say about this character, but his presence and how he gives advice to Tsukune does set the mood of the series in a suspenseful manner.

Any other characters you’d like to add?

Jul 092014

Brina Palencia

I met Brina Palencia at MegaCon 2012 and she has voiced many Anime characters over time. These are some of my favorites.

Brina Palencia Autograph

Moro from XXXholic: She is one of two artificial beings that keep Yuko’s shop in existence and sometimes assist Watanuki with his duties. They are so hilarious and energetic.

At the time at MegaCon, this was the role I knew Brina Palencia best from. It wasn’t until afterward when I discovered that she had voiced other interesting characters like the following.

Kurumu from Rosario Vampire: She’s a succubus with the ability to hypnotize men into making them her love slaves. Kurumu starts out wicked, but later becomes an ally. She has feelings for Tskune, but at least she doesn’t have to seduce him anymore.

Azusa from Soul Eater: This death scythe is on the side of good, but she’s always so serious. She often scolds people and treats them like children. She intimidates even Lord Death and it takes a lot to do that. Azusa is also analytical in battle, so there’s a plus.

Keifer Knolles from Legend of the Legendary Heroes: This mage is bold and strong willed, mainly it’s from having a rough life. Enemy soldiers killed her sisters before she entered the Roland Military Academy. Keifer has strong feelings for Ryner, but tries not to show it. I guess she just doesn’t want to appear vulnerable.

Nina Antalk from Chrome Shelled Regios: Leader of the 17th Platoon, this young student is strong willed, but tends to be insecure when it comes to training competitions. However, she does have a soft side. Nina helps Leyfon clean the machinery department in the evenings and they have good chemistry when they’re not training or on the battlefield. However, it’s hard to tell if Nina’s feelings for Leyfon are beyond that.

Ahmey from Tower of Druaga: She’s a highly skilled warrior lancer, making her the strongest fighter in Jil’s climber party. Most of the time Ahmey has a stoic attitude, but what really stands out is her weapon, which is a lance with a huge drill bit. Now there’s a creative way to kick butt.

Do you have any favorites you’d like to add?

Jun 112014

Carrie Savage

I was so glad to have met Carrie Savage at Omni Expo 2014. She was so sweet and had quite a few Anime characters that I really liked, which include the following.

Mokona from XXXholic: This rabbit creature is both energetic and powerful. Whether he hangs around the shop as Yuko’s drinking buddy or accompanies Watanuki on one of his tasks involving evil spirits, Mokona is a hilarious companion, especially when he drives Watanuki crazy.

Ana and Yuna from Murder Princess: Although they appear to be little girls, these two robots are powerful bodyguards for Dr. Akamashi. However, they are polar opposites of each other. Ana is aggressive and Yuna is timid and shy, but don’t underestimate her.

Succubus from Tower of Druaga: Even though she doesn’t have a proper name, this tower spirit haunts Neeba’s mind by appearing and reappearing any time she chooses mainly to taunt him. Only Neeba can see her unless she makes herself visible to others, making her an enigma throughout the journey.

Kiyomi Sakura from Squid Girl: She’s a kind middle school student who becomes fast friends with Squid Girl even though it was out of a ding dong ditch prank that backfired. Kiyomi only appeared in a few episodes, but her friendship with Squid Girl remains strong whatever the circumstance.

Rachel Boyd from Soul Eater: She’s an adorable little girl from Death City. Not much can be said about Rachel since Medusa possessed her throughout the series. Still, you got to love her.

Any favorites you’d like to add?

Apr 152014

I was glad to have met Phil LaMarr at MegaCon 2014. He’s had some interesting characters as well. Here are the ones I remember best.

Hermes Conrad from Futurama: He’s the accountant of Planet Express and a dedicated bureaucrat. Hermes never goes on delivery missions with Leela and the crew, but can be a real stickler for rules and regulations. I’ve never seen anyone so devoted to paperwork.

Baxter Stockman from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 version): This brilliant electronics expert became a criminal after getting fired from his job and eventually the Shredder employed him. He created the mousers and has a grudge with the turtles. Stockman isn’t much of a fighter, but don’t underestimate him, especially when he’s wearing battle armor. I have to ask though. What is with that pink sweater?

Woody Daniels from Mr. T: He’s a gymnast, who aspires to be a lawyer. Woody is smart and a great team player when it comes to solving mysteries, but he had to earn the respect of the other gymnasts first just for being the new guy.

Teen Afro from Afro Samurai: Since Afro was a child, he wanted revenge for his father’s death. As a teenager, he had friends while training to be a samurai warrior and they tried to talk him out of it and move on, but he wouldn’t listen. Can you believe it?

Any favorites you’d like to add?