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Jun 292012

In the futuristic Dynatron City that’s completely atomic powered, the mad scientist Dr. Mayhem puts a dangerous chemical in the Proto cola that causes mutation. Unfortunately, the citizens love it and that ruins his chances of taking over the city.

So now his next evil plot is to attack the city with an army of robots. That’s when Mayhem’s hostage Monkey Kid pours some Proto cola onto a group of citizens and it turns them into superheroes. They are Jet Headstrong, Buzz Saw Girl, Ms. Megawatt, Toolbox, Radium Dog, and the Monkey Kid.

Together they are The Defenders of Dynatron City. They are a creative group of superheroes. It’s only logical that Monkey Kid is the leader since he is the most sensible one. That starts with convincing the others that teamwork is the key to success and not just showing off.

It’s unfortunate that this cartoon series didn’t make it after only one episode. There was a comic book issue, but it’s basically the same exact story line.

I also remember a video game for the NES based on the show. It started out okay, but was difficult to figure out. Here’s the thing. You can choose between three different characters, Jet Headstrong, Radium Dog, or Ms. Megawatt, with the other members backing you up.

The object is to go through each street to destroy evil robots, which are tough to kill, but not because of their strength. It’s because the hit detection is awkward. Personally Ms. Megawatt is the best choice because her lightning bolt power works much better than Jet Headstrong’s rocket head and Radium Dog’s bite combined.

The real confusion starts when you have to find your way to certain streets. Even with a map, it’s hard to figure out where to go.

As for the other characters, Toolbox uses his head like a hammer, but it only works up close. Buzz Saw Girl throws buzz saws that are as effective as Ms. Megawatt’s lightning bolts. Last but not least, Monkey Kid throws bananas as if they were grenades. I wouldn’t say that it was a bad game, but I expected better.

I admit that The Defenders of Dynatron City wasn’t really anything like Super Friends, X-Men, or The Avengers, but I did see potential. It could’ve worked as a cartoon series especially if you’re a superhero fan.

Mar 072012

I met comic book artist Devin Richard at MegaCon 2012 while he was promoting his first issue of Las Locas, which is about hot biker chicks, who travel around on motorcycles and fight crime for fun and profit.

It was very action packed. I’ll tell ya, those women don’t mess around when it comes to collecting bounties. They use everything from firearms to road rage and always manage to come out on top.

There’s no mention on how this team first got together, but the premise is simple. When there’s a criminal on the loose that comes with a bounty to claim, the Las Locas seize it. Sure the tasks are dangerous, but they make it look so easy with their street smarts and fighting skills.

This was an interesting comic book with the kind of action and adventure I could easily compare with The Road Warrior. I would look forward to more issues in the future. I got my copy at the convention. I’m not sure where anyone else can get one, but I’m sure Devin Richard‘s web site would tell you.

Feb 202012

Hey, everyone. I had a real exciting time at one of the biggest comic book conventions in Orlando. It was a great turnout this year at MegaCon, especially since one of the biggest celebrity guests was none other than Stan Lee, creator of many franchises from Marvel Comics.

Other celebrity guests include Anime voice actors and stars from sci-fi and fantasy films, but I’ll get to those later on.

There were also a good amount of comic book artists, which include Brian Pulido the creator of Lady Death. She’s such an awesome character. Don’t you think?

Comic book artist Karl Kuras also returned this year with new issues from I Love Sushi, which contained more parodies on classic cartoons, like the Fraggles eating doozer sticks built with asbestos, Optimus Prime’s movie stardom going to his head, and Cheetara from Thundercats hitting on young Simba. Karl remembered me for my blog and once again he drew another new idea on the front page. This time he made one about Jem, which featured Rio looking forward to a threesome with Jem and Jerrica. What will he think of next?

And of course there was a lot of Cosplay from Anime characters from Soul Eater to classic superheroes like She-Ra and Storm from X-Men.

Here are a few other Cosplay characters that also looked cool.

Be sure to check my blog for future posts about celebrities and events from MegaCon 2012.

Jan 132012

Here’s a comic book series that’s pretty rare. Peculia is a young woman, who has misadventures with strange supernatural encounters, usually while shopping for cereal. It’s like almost everyone is an evil entity out to get her.

Peculia’s arch nemesis is Justine, a masked woman in superhero tights, who always tries to get the jump on her. However, Justine isn’t much of a threat compared to those other monsters. Then when it’s all over, Peculia kicks Justine’s butt, literally speaking. Now that’s funny.

The adventures are exciting with the types of creatures in these stories. Ones like, a trio of cannibalistic witches, a group of zombies, a demented little girl with a shotgun, and even Death himself.

Some of my most favorite stories in this series are ones that resemble a teen horror film. For example, in the story Afternoon of the Living Dead, a group of teens go to a graveyard and become victims of a zombie attack. Soon Peculia gets involved while fighting with Justine.

Another great example is in Peculia and the Groon Grove Vampires. Peculia and a group of girls baby-sit. Then one by one, they become victims to a vampire curse. I find that a highly interesting story line and the girls are gorgeous too.

Peculia has had some interesting solo adventures too. In the story Alice Bluegown, Peculia finds a little girl in the woods, who invites her into her house to hide from killer wolves, only to find out that the little girl is the real danger. What a plot twist.

This was a really good comic book series that was created by Richard Sala. It’s a perfect combination of monsters, adventure, and gorgeous young women. I wonder if they’ll ever make a movie based on it.

Sep 132010

Among the different guests you’ll find at any comic book convention, you’re sure to find comic book artists who sell their own artwork. I met the very memorable Karl Kuras at Mini Mega Con 2009.

Karl, like me, is a member of Gen X and a huge fan of 80’s cartoons.  Combine that with Karl’s unique sense of humor and you have I Love Sushi, a book containing a collection of favorite cartoon characters behaving completely out of character.  Imagine Optimus Prime as a mean drunk, Mario on a mushroom trip, Strawberry Shortcake cat fighting with Rainbow Brite, or the Smurfs eradicating the Snorks Nazi style.  Check out these and more of Karl’s artwork here.

Meeting Karl Kuras was a very entertaining experience.  He offered to draw me an original sketch of any 80’s cartoon character I wanted if I purchased a copy of the I Love Sushi book.  I couldn’t resist, so I had Karl create a sketch with Smurfette.  Karl held his pencil over the blank page for a moment and then burst into laughter.  Karl’s laughter was contagious as he continued cracking himself up until he completed his creation.  Eventually the rest of us got to see what was so funny.  The sweet Smurfette was introducing capitalism to the Smurf Village by exchanging smurf berries for certain favors. Karl liked the sketch he created for me so much he took a photo of it.  Maybe it will be in his next book.